High School Moot




The QUT High School Mooting competition is an exciting opportunity for year 11 and 12 students to engage with the law at a university level. Competitors are provided with a fictional client problem and must prepare arguments on their behalf. Uniquely, QUT provides university mentors to support each school and real world lawyers and judges to adjudicate the competition.

For the second time in the competition’s three-year history, the student led QUT Law Society will be organising the moot with support from the QUT Faculty of Law. The QUTLS Moot Club is excited to bring back this initiative.

Teams consist of two to three students. Collectively the team will be required to prepare a 20 minute argument and submit a two page outline of argument. (i.e. 10 minutes of speaking for each student, with each round lasting for roughly 40 minutes combined).

Registration for the competition is due by the 24 June 2017. This will give your school time to find interested competitors. Given that this year the preparation period is only about a month, the difficulty of the problem will be tailored to suit the students. The problem will be released in late June. The High School Moot will take place on 12-14 August 2017 (Preliminary & Semi-Finals).


The best school advocates across South East Queensland are invited to compete.

The QUT High School Moot enters its third year; strong performances define the past.

These rules dictate both what participants can expect from the competition.

Grand Final Commences:

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